Employer Features

– Publishing a project is free.
– Choosing a service Freelance is free.
– No commission is requested from the employer.
Employer may not offer direct payments to Sellers using payment systems outside of the Progteam platform.
– However, there are paid options, but which are optional:

The Featured Project option which allows you to highlight your project with logo and is automatically moved to the top of the list.
This option is worth 10 euros including VAT and offers more visibility and therefore more quality offers.

Freelancer Features

Creating a service Freelance account is free in order to participate in projects and send offers to customers.
Progteam.com is free for Freelancer:

– Creating a service Freelance account is free.
– Users may submit Free proposals.
– A Commission of 5% is requested from the service (Each Service that you sell and successfully complete, accredits your account with income equal to 95% of the purchase amount.).
– However, there are paid options to create a proposal, but which are optional:

  1. Stick this Proposal to the Top
    The sticky proposal will always be displayed on top of all the proposals.
    This option is worth 7 euros including VAT.
  2. Make Sealed Proposal
    The sealed proposal will be sent to the project author only it will not be visible publically.
    This option is worth 5 euros including VAT.
  3. Featured Proposal
    The featured proposal will have a distinctive color and popped up between other proposals to get the author’s attention.
    This option is worth 2 euros including VAT.

Receiving Payments

– ProgTeam accredits Sellers once an order is completed.
– If an order is canceled (for any reason), the funds paid will be returned to the Buyer’s ProgTeam Balance.
– Freelancers are responsible for payment of all direct or indirect taxes, including GST, VAT, or income tax, which may apply to them based on residency, location, or otherwise, in under the provisions of their jurisdiction.
– Freelancers represent and warrant that they comply, and will comply at all times, with their obligations under the tax provisions of their jurisdiction.
– Withdrawals can only be made in the amount available to you (Min 100 Euros).
– Withdrawals are final and cannot be undone. We will not be able to reverse this process once it has begun.
– Withdraw to your PayPal Account ,Bank Account and Payoneer is worth 3 euros.
– Revenue can only be viewed from the Revenue page after the order is marked as complete. Freelancers have the right to withdraw their earnings after a security clearance period of 7 days after the order has been marked as complete.